Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023
  • Faisal Hasnain in race to become PCB chief executive.
  • He is a former financial head of the International Cricket Council.
  • PCB Board of Governors will likely meet during forthcoming West Indies team tour to Pakistan to discuss new appointment.

ISLAMABAD: Former Zimbabwe cricket chief Faisal Hasnain could become Pakistan Cricket Board chief executive officer after the position became vacant when Wasim Khan resigned.

Two names have been finalized for the desired position for the three candidates for a recent interview and interview, according to well-informed sources The News. “Two names have been finalised and forwarded to the high-ups for final approval. Faisal is one of the contenders,” a government source told the publication.

Hasnain has been the chief financial officer of the International Cricket Council (ICC). He started working for Zimbabwe Cricket as managing director in 2018 and resigned less than a year later, citing Zimbabwe’s failure to qualify for the 2019 World Cup.

While playing for Zimbabwe Cricket (ZC), Hasnain was often accused of spending too little time in Zimbabwe, according to the report. However, he has managed to ensure that he will host the World Cup qualifiers in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe’s cricket has been struggling financially as staff and players’ salaries have been delayed and game fees have been unpaid for months with Hasnain ZC Director.

The two completed names were reportedly handed over to Prime Minister Imran Khan, who is also the main patron-in-chief of the PCB, sources said. One of the names is expected to receive some memorization in the next few weeks.

The PCB Board of Governors is likely to meet in the upcoming West Indies delegation’s trip to Pakistan to discuss new appointments.

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