Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

The picture shows an unknown man harassing a woman in Islamabad. — Screengrab/Twitter

ISLAMABAD: In a video making rounds on the internet, a man harassed a woman while she was walking on a street in the federal capital. 

The video shows that the incident took place during the daytime in which a woman, covered in a burqa, could be seen walking on a street when an unidentified man appears and gropes her from behind. 

The video was posted on Twitter which tells that the incident took place in sector I-10 of Islamabad.

The woman could be seen struggling to push the man away from her. After harassing her, he could be seen running away. 

Senior journalist Hamid Mir, in reply to a tweet that posted the video, said that the incident is a challenge for all men to find the culprit, punish him, and make him a lesson for others. 

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