Tue. May 30th, 2023

Pakistani actor Imran Abbas recently stole the show online as he reenacted a gaffe made by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif by lip-syncing the voice of the premier.

The hilarious parody video has been made on PM Shehbaz Sharif’s audio from a recent press conference where he was criticising the former PTI-led government for continuously calling the PML-N leaders “chor, daku” [thieves and robbers] in its almost two and a half years of governance.

Abbas can be seen showing his amazing expressions to make the audio more enjoyable, where the premier says that he considers calling anyone with such words — thieves and robbers — a disrespect towards humanity but he would ask them [PTI leaders] to look into the mirror for sure.

The video goes on with Imran lip-syncing on PM Shehbaz’s dialogue where he further makes it clear what he meant to say by quoting a Punjabi idiom.

“They say in Punjabi, aap apni manjhi thalay jhaaro den,” PM Shehbaz said. The words translate to “sweep under your charpoy” which is incorrect as compared to the actual Punjabi idiom.

However, the premier immediately realised that he has said it wrong so he asked others around him what it exactly was.

As people correct PM Shehbaz, he repeats the “correct version” by saying, “[…] manjhi thalay dang den,” but to his disappointment, it was still not correct.

Unaffected by the embarrassment, PM Shehbaz once again corrected himself with the help of others and finally said the right idiom “manjhi thalay dang pheren” which still means “sweep under your charpoy” but is said when advising someone to rectify their own faults before pointing out others.

The actual event might not be that momentous but Imran’s excellent acting skills made the video hilarious.

However, the actor handed a clarification beforehand to avoid any unpleasant debate on the video, saying that this video is for entertainment purposes only instead of hurting anyone’s feelings.

“No offence to anyone, this video is made just for fun’s sake. It’s not at all political or hateful and doesn’t reflect my association or dislike for any personality or political party rather i think it was really cute yet funny,” Imran wrote in the video caption.

The video has garnered thousands of comments of appreciation and has been viewed by 608,000 users.

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