Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

  • Dua Zahra’s younger sister requests older sibling to return home.
  • “Both of us sisters are missing you [Dua]. We have not celebrated Eid yet,” she says. 
  • She pleads with Dua to come back so that they could celebrate Eid ul Adha together.

KARACHI: In her message on Eid ul Adha, Dua Zahra’s younger sister earnestly requested her older sibling to return home as the family has not yet celebrated Eid.

In the heartbreaking video, which is doing the rounds on social media, Dua’s sister could be seen sobbing and requesting  Dua to return home so that the family could celebrate Eid ul Adha together.

Her younger sister, with tears brimming in her eyes, could be heard saying: “Both of us sisters are missing you [Dua]. We have not celebrated Eid yet.”

Dua, 15, had made headlines across the country after she had mysteriously disappeared from Karachi in April but later declared that she had run away from her home to marry 21-year-old Zaheer Ahmed.

Replying to her father’s questions, who does not appear on the screen, Dua’s sister asked her sibling to “return home.”

‘I hope this Eid is the last one without you’

A day earlier, Mehdi Kazmi, Dua’s father, recorded a message for his daughter on Eid ul Adha, praying that this festival would be the last one without his daughter.

“Your sisters are waiting for you, your mother cries for you and I am waiting impatiently for you,” said Kazmi while addressing Dua.

He said that it is impossible to live without Dua. “We love you and I am not upset with you,” he added.

Making a prayer, Dua’s father said he hopes these days pass as quickly as possible. “You will get more love and affection than before,” said Kazmi.

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