Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

LAHORE-CEO of Ali Embroidery Mills, Tariq Zaman, visited the Ali Embroidery High Performance Tennis Camp 2023, currently underway here at the Punjab Tennis Academy, Bagh-e-Jinnah, on Saturday. 

Tariq Zaman expressed admiration for the passion and dedication displayed by the camp participants and commended Rashid Malik, the organizer, for his efforts in arranging such a prestigious tennis training camp with the aim of producing tennis champions for Pakistan.

Tariq Zaman emphasized that Ali Embroidery Mill’s sponsorship and involvement in the camp were driven solely by their love for the game and the development of junior tennis in Pakistan. He highlighted their continuous support, stating, “This is the second consecutive time that Ali Embroidery Mills have sponsored the high-performance tennis training camp under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Rashid Malik and top coaches of the country, including Aqeel Khan, Shahzad Khan, Ahmed Babar, Arif Feroz and Trainer Azhar.

“I assure you that we will continue to support this beautiful game, and it is our hope that our tennis players will work harder and achieve international recognition for Pakistan,” he urged the future tennis stars. 

Secretary of the Punjab Lawn Tennis Association (PLTA), Rashid Malik, expressed his gratitude to Tariq Zaman for his unwavering support for tennis and for sponsoring the Ali Embroidery Mills High Performance Tennis Training Camp 2023. Malik stressed the importance of such generous contributions in enabling Pakistani sports to excel on the international stage. He praised Zaman’s commitment and encouraged other corporate giants to follow his lead, urging them to generously support sports beyond cricket. Malikstated, “This is the only way to make Pakistan and its players world champions.”

As a former tennis player, Davis Cupper, and captain/coach, Malik has dedicated many years to the sport and has nurtured promising young talent for Pakistan, who have already begun to make waves at ATF and ITF Junior events. “If this talent receives adequate support and facilitation from the government and corporate sector, I am confident that these players can represent Pakistan in Grand Slam events,” Malik confidently asserted.

“The Ali Embroidery High Performance Tennis Camp serves as a testament to the growing interest and investment in tennis in Pakistan. With continued support from corporate entities like Ali Embroidery Mills and the collective efforts of passionate individuals like me other tennis lovers and supporters, the future looks promising for Pakistani tennis,” the PLTA Secretary concluded. 

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