/Shoaib Akhtar heads back to Pakistan after performing Hajj

Shoaib Akhtar heads back to Pakistan after performing Hajj

Pakistan’s legendary former pacer Shoaib Akhtar completed his hajj journey. Photo: Twitter/screengrab/@shoaib100mph   

Pakistan cricket legend Shoaib Akhtar is returning to Pakistan after performing Hajj in Saudi Arabia.

During his entire Hajj journey, the “speedster” kept his fans updated on almost every activity he took during the holy sojourn.

In his latest Tweet, Akhtar said, “Alhamdolillah, completed my Hajj journey and headed back to Pakistan.”

The former Pakistan pacer thanked the Saudi government for granting him the status of “state guest”. Hailing the Saudi government, he said that the hajj ministry looked after him “really well”.

He also thanked Nawaf Bin Saeed Al-Malki, Saudi ambassador to Pakistan, for facilitating him during hajj.

Shoaib Akhtar stones shaitan at ‘100mph’

On July 9, Akhtar performed “rami” — act of stoning the devil — in Mina. This ritual is a symbolic reenactment of the incident between the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and satan.

“[I] didn’t measure the speed, but the anger was definitely 100 mph,” Akhtar wrote in an Instagram post.

Also, in the video, while making a fist, he said: “Isko chorna nahi [don’t spare him.”

The cricket legend left for Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj, as a state guest of the kingdom, last week.

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