Tue. May 30th, 2023

Romanian player Mihaela Buzarnescu in court.— Tennis World 
  • Rules don’t allow any clothing that is not white, including undergarments.
  • Supervisors spot player’s “illegal” undergarment during warm-up. 
  • She borrows white bra from her coach. 

Romanian tennis player Mihaela Buzarnescu was asked to change her bra after entering court before the start of the first round of the Wimbledon match against Nastasja Schunk as it was against the dress code.

The Grand Slam’s rules do not allow any piece of clothing that is not white, including undergarments. Off-white or cream colours are also not allowed.

Tennis World reported that Wimbledon supervisors spotted Buzarnescu’s “illegal” undergarment during her warm-up. The irregularity was then pointed out to her after which she had to change.

Buzarnescu, who was wearing a black bra said that it was “too black” and the white one she had was “too transparent”. 

 She had to borrow the garment from her coach. 

“That’s good, we did it,” said Buzarnescu, who ended up winning the match. 

“…all my work in recent weeks has borne fruit today and I am extremely happy I managed this victory,” said Buzarnescu to Eurosport.

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