Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

KARACHI: Like other parts of the metropolis, Pakistan Sports Board’s (PSB) National Coaching Center also was inundated after heavy rain hit the port city.

In a video received by Geo Super on Friday, NCC was found to be in the worst condition, with rainwater standing still everywhere.

From the entrance to the tartan track and courts, every other area sunk and looked in terrible condition.

When Geo Super reached out to Director-General PSB Colonel (Retd) Asif Zaman, he urged for prayers. 

“May Allah be with us, heavy rain in Karachi is not good, especially in low-lying areas. I am already asking for civil administration and ranger’s help,” the PSB chief told this correspondent.

It must be noted here that dozens of Karachi-based national athletes train in the NCC. According to the sources, NCC charges Rs1,600 per person apart from athletes to train in this outdated facility.

However, no proper staff is assigned to deal with such emergency situations. Hence, every year, the NCC suffers the same situation. 

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