Tue. May 30th, 2023

Police officers stand behind crime scene tape. — AFP/File
  • Suspects kill brother, injure father for trying to stop sexual assault. 
  • Police say gang tried to harass girl on June 14 in Khangarh. 
  • Suspect confess to gang-raping woman. 

The police on Thursday arrested a five-member gang which raped a woman during a robbery, killing her brother and injuring her father.

The district police officer said four suspects gang-raped a woman on June 13 and then tried to harass a girl on June 14 in Khangarh. 

The suspects murdered the victim’s brother and injured her father after they tried to stop the sexual assault, said the police.

The police further said that the suspects have confessed to sexually assaulting the woman, adding that the weapons and the loot have been recovered from the gang. 

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