/Meet Afsheen Gul, Pakistani girl whose life was saved by Indian doctor

Meet Afsheen Gul, Pakistani girl whose life was saved by Indian doctor

Afsheen Gul (L), Dr Rajagopalan Krishnan (R).— Instagram/Afsheen Gul

Afsheen Gul, a teenager from Pakistan who suffered from a rare medical condition that kept her neck at 90 degrees was provided with the right treatment by a doctor in India, reported BBC.

At 10 months old, the 13-year-old girl from Sindh experienced an accident that changed her life. Her sister dropped her from her arms which bent her neck to 90 degrees.

As a result, she suffered from atlantoaxial rotatory dislocation, which her doctor believes could be “the first case of its kind in the world.”

Even though her parents sought medical help, despite the medicines and a neck belt, Gul’s condition only worsened.

Gul’s mother, Jamilan Bibi, shared how the little girl could not walk, talk, or even eat following the accident. She added that the family of nine could not afford further treatment.

Gul suffers from cerebral palsy as well which made it difficult for her to socialise all her life.

A doctor from the neighbouring country, however, changed Gul’s life. 

In March, Dr Rajagopalan Krishnan, a specialist in complex spinal surgeries at the Apollo Hospital in Delhi, India, operated on Gul for free.

Four months later, Gul has now achieved independence and can now walk, talk, and eat on her own. 

She has her weekly checkups with the doctor through Skype.

“He saved her life. For us, he is an angel,” said Afsheen’s brother Yaqoob Kumbar.

Gul’s condition received global attention in 2017 and Pakistani celebrities urged people to help the family find the right treatment. An organiser in the US even arranged an online fundraiser to raise money for the surgery.

Last November, Gul and her brother visited Delhi.

During the family’s financial troubles and health difficulties, Dr Krishnan gave them hope.

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