Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

Pakistani TikTok star Hareem Shah (L) and her husband Syed Bilal Shah. — Screengrab

Hareem Shah, a Pakistani TikTok star, was back in the news after nearly two months when news of her arrest at a Turkish airport circulated on Friday, but Shah has denied any such reports via her official social media channel.

Shah blamed the media for spreading unverified and fake news in a video message she shared after news of her arrest went viral on social media. She claimed that the media tries to smear people’s reputations by spreading false information about them. While denying the arrest reports, Shah stated that the news is full of lies about her and her husband.

Shah was sitting with her husband, Syed Bilal Shah, in the video.

Bilal, while denying the news of arrest explained the case against him by the special branch.

The special branch had made a report against him accusing him of being a part of the land mafia and extortioners. He said that the media made headlines against him without verifying the report.

“I filed a complaint in the High Court against Additional IG Special Branch and IG Sindh with the assistance of my lawyer Munir Ahmed Khan,” Bilal explained.

He also stated that his lawyer has twice requested that the court verify the report and provide evidence.

“If special branch had any evidence, they would have presented it; their failure to respond demonstrates that they have no evidence against me,” he added.

Bilal stated that he has contacted his lawyer and will file a defamation case against the perpetrators of fake news in accordance with PEMRA laws.

While talking to on July 15, sources close to Shah had also denied any such developments.

Shah’s family sources said that she is currently in Turkey with her husband and both are living a happily married life.

“They had no plans for going to Muscat in recent days, so there is no question of them being arrested at the airport,” added the sources. 

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