Thu. Jun 1st, 2023
  • Young horse owner at Karachi’s Seaview apologises to Australian vlogger Luke Damant for misbehaving with him. 
  • He was arrested following incident but was released by Karachi police after he acknowledged his mistake publicly.
  • Luke thanked the Karachi police and urged people to be kind. 

A young horse owner, who gives rides to people at Karachi’s Seaview, has apologised to Australian vlogger Luke Damant for his inappropriate behaviour.

The young boy had taken Damant for a 10-minute ride and had tried to rip him off by asking for more money when the ride ended. Not only that, but he also tried to hit the vlogger.

When Damant protested, the boy misbehaved with him.

As the video of the incident went viral, Karachi police took prompt action and arrested the young boy for maltreating the foreigner.

However, he was later released from prison after which he apologised to
Damant in a video message. In the video, he narrated the entire incident and admitted his mistake.

“I will never disrespect anyone ever again,” he said.

The Australian vlogger took to Facebook to narrate his experience, however, he was empathetic towards him.

“This boy is young just like myself, and we all make mistakes,” he wrote. “I hope he learns from this experience.”

Damant urged everyone to be kind and respectful: “If you [happen to] see this boy.”

Luke also thanked the Karachi police for dealing with the matter swiftly and keeping “Pakistan safe.”

Damant was touring Karachi when he wished to take a horse ride at Karachi Seaview. In his vlog, the young boy demanded Rs200 for one ride.

However, at the end of the ride, he changed his demand to Rs300 and then Rs3,000.

The vlogger tried to negotiate but the horse owner refused to budge. In the end, the conversation took an aggressive turn and local men intervened. They ended the scuffle by paying him Rs1,000.

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