/Journalist Maira Hashmi clarifies why she slapped boy during live coverage

Journalist Maira Hashmi clarifies why she slapped boy during live coverage

Journalist Maira Hashmi during live coverage. — Screenshot via Twitter/@MairaHashmi7

After a video of journalist Maira Hashmi went viral on social media in which she could be seen slapping a boy during live coverage, netizens wondered what had caused her to react in such an aggressive fashion.

Soon afterwards, speculation regarding the incident ran rife across social media platforms, with netizens showing a mixed reaction.

Responding to all the queries, Hashmi took to her Twitter account and clarified why she had to slap the boy.

In her tweet, Hashmi wrote that while she was conducting an interview on the streets for her show, the boy in question was constantly bothering a family standing there. 

“This guy was bothering a family during the interview, which made the family upset. I first tried to nicely tell him that his behaviour was not good, but it fell on deaf ears and he resorted to bothering the family even more. I, therefore, decided that the boy’s behaviour should no longer be tolerated,” she said. 

Reacting to Hashmi’s tweet, Twitterati showed a mixed reaction. While many people appreciated her move and opined that the boy “deserved it,” others condemned the act and called the journalist out for her “lack of tolerance.”

A Twitter user named Sidra Dar supported Hashmi, saying that she “did the right thing”.

On the other hand, another user named Ayesha17 wrote: “This is a straightforward publicity stunt. Otherwise, there was no need for her to post this video. She deliberately hit the boy and is now covering it up by lying.”

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