Thu. Jun 1st, 2023
Japan wants to strengthen relationship with Pakistan
WADA Mitsuhiro, the newly appointed Ambassador of Japan to Pakistan.

In a greeting letter issued on Tuesday, Wada Mitsuhiro, Japan’s newly appointed ambassador to Pakistan said he wanted to continue developing existing relations with Pakistan in various fields such as political, economic, cultural and security cooperation.

“I would like to revisit what we have accomplished in the past as long-time true friends and trusted partners,” stated WADA.

Appreciating Pakistan’s “rich history, culture, and warm-hearted” people, the newly appointed ambassador said he was pleased to contribute to the development of relations between Japan and Pakistan, especially at this crucial time.

He said Japan was Pakistan’s second largest provider of Pakistan after the United States since 1954, adding that Japan would continue to promote Pakistan’s social and economic development through Japan’s skills in the development of Pakistan and the region.

Emphasizing the role of business partnerships as another important area for growth, he said the export of young mangoes, dates, salt and shrimp from Pakistan to Japan will reach record levels by 2020.

“Japan’s long-standing business links with Pakistan have resulted in substantial investment and job creation,” he added.

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He said that the COVID-19 pandemic has hampered human and economic travel in recent years.

“I will, however, continue to work to improve people to people exchange, even online,” said Wada.

He thanked the Pakistani athletes who performed well at the 2021 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games, with the exception of COVID-19.

In concluding the letter, WADA confirmed that it wanted to make the embassy as accessible as possible.

“Our team will keep working on this, while listening to your suggestions..any suggestions or requests you may have for us are always welcome,” he assured.

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