Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

PTI Chairman Imran Khan is addressing a public gathering in Bhakkar. 

BHAKKAR: Berating the incumbent government, PTI Chairman Imran Khan Tuesday claimed that the coalition parties had not come to reduce inflation but to abolish the corruption cases registered against them.

Addressing a public gathering in Bhakkar, Imran Khan said that he would not accept the “thieves” even if he lost his life.   

Declaring the upcoming by-elections in the province a “fight for real independence”, Imran Khan urged the people to support him against the “turncoats and thieves”.       

It is a “jihad” against the thieves imposed on the nation under the US regime change conspiracy, he added. The PTI leader claimed that the parties in the coalition government had been plundering the national wealth and the country for the past 30 years, adding that he has been fighting against them for the last 26 years.

More to follow…  

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