Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz has congratulated all the departments concerned for holding an impartial and transparent by-elections in the province.

In a statement issued here, he lauded the departments for working day and night so as to ensure holding of peaceful elections.

The voter used right to vote in a peaceful environment, he added. Unpleasant incidents took place at a few places on which prompt action was taken, he maintained.

The CM stated that law and order situation remained satisfactory on the whole in the 20 constituencies of Punjab as effective steps were taken to ensure holding of by-elections in a peaceful environment, he outlined.

The formulated security plan was fully ensured to be implemented, he emphasised.

The CM said that it was a responsibility to hold by-elections in a peaceful environment which was fulfilled in a very nice manner.

He said that all necessary resources were utilised to maintain law and order situation.

The CM added that the administration and the police implemented the code of conduct laid down by the Election Commission.

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