Tue. May 30th, 2023

Google’s attorneys submitted a 15-page document to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) of the US for advice on their plan to exempt political emails in Gmail from spam.

The company is aiming to propose a pilot programme where emails from FEC-registered political committees will not be affected by spam detection. This would mean Gmail users would now have to manually mark these emails as spam, one by one, as they come.

Google is also aiming to provide data to election candidates and political committees regarding how many emails end up in Gmail inboxes.

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In the emailed users’ comments that FEC made public, almost all of them opposed Google’s idea of this new change to Gmail.

Previously, Republican politicians had complained to FEC against Google censoring their fund-raising emails in Gmail by sending them to spam at a higher rate than Democrat emails.

They considered this as an “illegal, corporate in-kind contributions“, according to Inc. Google had denied the accusation and the CEO had flown to Washington to propose the no-spam idea to Republicans.

The FEC has extended the deadline to August 5 for people to file comments for or against this new plan.

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