Tue. May 30th, 2023

Careem is going to give the free food to all it’s customers from Pakistan, If Pakistan wins the T20 Worldcup Match from India, New Zealand or England.

But the main Team Focused Against Pakistan is India. As we all know how Interesting Pakistan And India Matches are. But after the Latest Tweet from Careem The Match Gone more Interesting.

Careem Tweeted on their Official Twitter Account:-

That Promises that If you order anything in All Matches Till 9:00 PM. And after that Green Team ( Pakistan ) Wins the Match. Then they will refund all the money You spent Through Ordering on the Careem Till 9:00 PM of the match day In All Matches.This Makes the match more Interesting.

After this tweet many people are willing to take part in this Careem Giveaway. You can also Take part in this Giveaway Officially from Careem By ordering Food on the match Days Until 9:00 PM.

After This tweet From Careem Pakistan Official another tweet came In which they stated the Terms And Conditions for this Giveaway of Free Food from Careem.

In the Tweet they stated That Offer is only Valid For the First 500 People. The Maximum Refund amount is Rs 500 And the offer is only Valid on the First Matches of the India, New Zealand & England Team with Pakistan. The Places Valid for this Giveaway Participation is Karachi and Lahore or the Places where Their Delivery Services are available.

The Pakistan Careem Official Tweet States 3 Teams. India, New Zealand & England. But the Main focused team By the Pakistani Fans in the opponent of Pakistan is the India team.

Order the Food and Wait for the Green Team (Pakistan) to win the T20. InshaAllah Pakistan Will Rock.

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