/Eid ul Adha: How to select expert butchers for qurbani?

Eid ul Adha: How to select expert butchers for qurbani?

Blacksmiths are busy sharpening and preparing butcher knives for selling ahead of Eid ul Adha at a workplace in Rawalpindi, on July 08, 2022. — PPI

Every year, Muslims across the globe sacrifice animals — cow, goat, sheep, camels, etc. — to fulfil their religious rituals during Eid ul Adha.

People in Pakistan and especially in Karachi — where the biggest cattle market is established every year — rush to the livestock markets to purchase animals ahead of the big day.

Purchasing animals is a dirty job (in the literal sense), which requires patience and a discerning eye. It entails hours of wading through mud and muck in the quest to purchase the healthiest, most beautiful animal for the best possible bargain you can strike.

And just like that, hiring a butcher to sacrifice your animal is not an easy task.

So, you’ve brought the animal. But you need to make sure that you hire the right person for the job as seasonal butchers are known for their ruthlessness.

But don’t worry, Geo.tv reached out to some expert butchers to get to know what should one keep a look out for before hiring someone for the task.

  • Reach out to the butcher whose services you’ve availed throughout the year.
  • In a neighbourhood, a butcher/butchers are always there whose services are being availed for a long time, reach out to them;
  • Do not expect a professional butcher to approach you to sacrifice your animal;
  • The way that a butcher sharpens their knife and cleans their equipment is different from the seasonal ones.

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