/Despite PTI’s landslide victory, Imran Khan accuses government of interference

Despite PTI’s landslide victory, Imran Khan accuses government of interference

PTI chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan addresses public on 

Following a “landslide victory” against PML-N in the by-election on 20 constituencies of Punjab, PTI Chairman Imran Khan Monday said this was a “happy moment” for the county.

Speaking to the public in a televised speech, the former prime minister said he believes that when a nation developed awareness and starts understanding the vision of the country “then it is a moment to thank Allah.”

According to the preliminary final count from Sunday’s polls, the PTI won 15 seats, while the PML-N managed to clinch victory in only four, and an independent candidate grabbed one.

“I want to thank the youth and women of Punjab, especially those who came out to cast the vote,” Khan said while acknowledging the contributions of PTI supporters, workers, and leaders.

Commenting on his electioneering campaign, Khan said that throughout his race, he focused on the fundamental principle that the meaning of Pakistan was “La Ilaha Illallah (There is no god but Allah)” because this was a philosophy and once people start understanding this, they will also grasp the vision of Pakistan and become a “great nation.”

“A group of people become a nation when they have a vision,” he reiterated, saying that he was happy because people started questioning [the rulers] and were determined that they would not accept slavery after an “imported government” was imposed on all of us through a “foreign conspiracy”.

“I am happy because, for the first time, I am seeing awareness among people and now — by the grace of Allah — we are heading toward becoming a nation which will resolve all issues, including debt and lack of resources, among others,” Khan said while highlighting that the elite in the country had invested abroad and owned properties in foreign countries because they have no trust on Pakistan.

Recalling the sacrifices rendered by ancestors in the independence of the country, the PTI chairman said that everybody should be proud of the people of Punjab, especially women, who came out to cast their votes, “this is Naya Pakistan.”

The cricketer-turned-politician said that when PTI was in power an “artificial political crisis was created”. “If you look at the Economic Survey for the fiscal year 2021-22 you would see that after 17 years, Pakistan witnessed record growth in the last two years of the PTI government,” he highlighted, adding that all indicators were showing an uptrend, particularly large-scale manufacturing which provides employment opportunities and increases tax collection, etc.

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