/Crypto legal In Pakistan: Waqar Zaka Won the Case

Crypto legal In Pakistan: Waqar Zaka Won the Case

Waqar Zaka the Petitioner of Crypto Legalizing case in Pakistan has won the case of Crypto Currency on 20th Oct 2021 in the Sindh High Court after the Hearing. Hearing is held on the 20th Oct at 12:00 PM in Sindh High Court and Lahore High Court. The Petition hearing proceeding was attended by the FIA (Federal Investigation Agency), State Bank of Pakistan and the Petitioners Including Waqar Zaka.

After hearing, the Sindh High Court (SHC) ordered the Government to regulate the Crypto Currency within the Next 3 Months. Sindh High Court also formed the High-Level Committee to look over all this matter. This High-Level Committee is held by the Federal Secretary of the Finance.

After the case hearing Waqar Zaka Posted on twitter with text Victory expressing that they won the case.

After sometime another tweet came from Waqar Zaka which stated that the Waqar Zaka won the case.

Another similar case about Crypto Currency Ban was held in the Lahore High Court on the same day. This case is attended by the lawyers of Parties including SECP (Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan), SBP (State Bank of Pakistan), FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) and also the Federal Government Appeared in the Lahore High Court.

Lahore High Court sought all the Legal assistance from the all present institutes on the CryptoCurrency Case. After the Court hearing, the Court asked all the institutes to present the Legal Points about the Crypto Currency in the next hearing.

Social Media groups based in Pakistan are explaining How to trade or mine CryptoCurrency. Some of them are with Thousands of Followers or Members. Also the videos about CryptoCurrency on Youtube in Urdu Language are viewed Hundred thousand times.